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CSS Will Never Go Out of Style

Learning the hard way that CSS, is in fact, a necessary skill.

Laid Off But Leveled Up, Lessons Learned

I noticed something since picking up this freelance project, something I never had, ever, since the day my journey as a dev began:

On Being Laid Off: Some Thoughts

I’ve been dreading writing this one….

Piping in a Node API from Glitch to a React Frontend

Creating the frontend was the hardest part for me.

Building A Small Node API On Glitch

At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to try my hand at building and consuming my own API.

Five Years a Dev: 5 Year Anniversary of Tiffany R. White Blog

It’s been five years since I started this humble blog on the web.

2019: A Year in Review

Every year on this blog, I try to do a year in review1; a look back at the year that was and looking forward to the year to come.

  1. Not the only one, I know… 

A LinkedIn Learning Playlist for Corporate Newcomers

If you’re over 30 and have just made your way up from some place like Target as a cashier to having a nice, cushy dev job in a corporation, it can seem really daunting at first. I was out of my element for a good portion of the past 5 months.

A Simple Terminal Website with CSS and Typewriter.js

Just recently, I was searching for how to create a terminal-esque website, much like Jeremy Wagner’s old site where you could run commands to open different links and places on his site.

VS Code Setup: An Update

A few people on inquired about my VS Code extensions after I posted a screenshot of my editor.

Course Duck for Learning JavaScript

CourseDuck reached out to me about their product. I am not reviewing it, just letting you know it exists.

Recognizing Patterns

Hey y’all. Been a while. It has been super crazy as I am moving in literally one week and consulting is a craziness unto itself. I’ve also broken the chain of posting at least once a month for 4 years but hey. I have a good reason to have missed. 😜


Just recently I bought this case from Amazon to cover up my company issued MacBook Pro so I could…

First Week Feels

This week has been a complete whirlwind of excitement, emails, and downtime.

Goal, Completed

Yea so this is a long story. Long. But it is worth telling because maybe it can help one of you guys.

Showing Up Everyday and Other Things

In my latest newsletter, I posted about having a routine and doing the work.

Burnout, Health, and Starting Over

This post is a recycled newsletter I just recently released but with extra content.

Q1 Goals Update: Some Meh, Mostly Good

I started out the year in bad shape. By February it was on: coding almost daily, diving into projects, making good on doctor’s appointments1.

  1. Once you reach a certain age, this is a good thing to do. 

Twitch, YouTube, Egghead, and Zoom: My New Projects and Setup

I do have a Twitch channel.

Music Friday's Playlist: Dirty, Grungy, Sweaty Rock

If you were a teenager in the mid-nineties, I don’t need to remind you of the amount of pessimism that occurred during that era; from Kurt Cobain1 going on rambling improvs like Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flows Through the Strip on the Nevermind B-side, to Chris Cornell2 crooning in Black Hole Sun on Superunknown, you know the air was dank and filled with sorrow.

  1. RIP guy. You were one of the good ones. 

  2. RIP also. First celebrity crush that wasn’t really a celebrity in the grander sense of the word. His shirtless running around in the Outshined video really set my teenage hormones ablaze. Still, miss him a lot. His suicide hit really hard. 

Some Music I'm Vibing To This Spring

I am a big time music head. All kinds1.

  1. Doom Metal, Metalcore, Old school Thrash Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Hip Hop, Psychedelic Rock, Shoegaze, Old Punk, Grunge, Pop. Never Country. Sorry. 

Three Ways to Pass Props to Components Outside of Parent/Child Relationships

It is really late here on the East Coast but I have been wanting to get this out for weeks now. If there are any errors or wrong examples/logic, you can edit this post on GitHub. All suggestions welcome.

Open Source and the Role of a Good README

I spent the better part of last week working on a project I started almost two years ago.

Realizations & Breakthroughs

I have been working on Check Yo Self for quite a while.

Setting Up a New Mac with a Shell Script

The concept of setting up a new Mac with a shell script in the programming community is not a new thing, and I found an article on automation by Kent C Dodds and it got me thinking about doing more of it.

Bugfix: Spelunking in Someone Else's Code

I love CodeSandbox. It has pretty much replaced CodePen for me unless I am fiddling around with CSS or freeCodeCamp front-end projects.

End of Year Wrap-up and 2019 Goals

Big O Notation

To determine what the the efficiency of some function is, first we have to clarify what we mean by efficient.

Review: YDKJS Scopes & Closures

JavaScript is a wild language that was written with some poor design choices. To ignore that fact is fatal; I don't think you can teach someone fundamentals without pointing out these design choices that make JavaScript sometimes hard to work with.

MVPs and Iterating Your Way to a Finished Product

I have long struggles with building the projects I set out to build and fill my GitHub with. This is due to a crippling penchant for perfectionism at all costs. This is dangerous for your mental health, productivity, and prospective employers.

My iTerm2 Setup

iTerm2 is an terminal emulator for macOS. It has a lot of features that don't come with the standard macOS terminal. Some people prefer the plain bash terminal, but I am not one of them, as aren't many other folks.

My VSCode Setup

Posts on editor setups are extremely popular. Here is mine.

Keeping Your Code Simple

One of the biggest lessons I am trying to learn as a mid-level dev is keeping my code simple.

What Are Components and Props?

In order to understand how React renders the UI, we need to understand two crucial elements to a React application: components and props. Each of these elements allow you to reuse pieces of your application and think about each piece in isolation of the others.

Building a JavaScript CLI Tool

I am currently building a small CLI tool based on my current React project, Check Yo Self.

What Is React Reconciliation?


How to Bind this in React Without a Constructor

Destructuring Objects in ES6

The Last of the Journey

2017 Wrap-up and 2018 Goals

Wrapping up a year is never a thing one wants to do. At least I don’t.

JavaScript Template Literals

Photo credit by Hongkiat

Use Cases for the Spread Operator

One of the coolest features of ES6 is the Spread Operator. The syntax looks a bit like:

Things I Am Cooking Up

I am thinking of starting another podcast.

First Feature and Pull Request


The Simplicity of Ruby

When I first started this blog, I was learning Ruby and I loved it.

I Am Now Doing This Thing For Real

I have recently joined the The Practical Dev as an apprentice software developer.

Update: Lots of Things Happening

I thought I’d post a short update about why I haven’t been blogging as much.

Finishing YelpCamp and Lessons Learned

So I have finished The Web Developer Bootcamp and the final project, YelpCamp, a full-stack Yelp clone built with Node, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Passport.js, and Bootstrap.

My First Interview: A Love Story

Okay, so not really a love story, but a good one nevertheless.

ES6 Modules

ES6 modules allows us to have reusable code, in separate files. We do this to eliminate initially massive js files, like app.js in a Node and Express project. Modules allow us to spread code over relevant files.

Productivity for Devs

Open Source Goals and the Year in Review

Una Kravets is one of my favorite designers/developers even though I just discovered who she was, and by accident.

Map: Another Higher Order Function

Map is another higher order function that goes through an array and doesn’t discard it but instead transforms/mutates it.

Functional Programming in JavaScript? Yes Please.

One of the hot topics right now in the web development world is functional programming in the language of the web, JavaScript.

Mission DRY: Accomplished

When working with multiple levels of conditionals, it helps to DRY things up a bit: not repeating yourself can give performance gains as well as make your code more readable and elegant.

DRY Code: Using IIFEs to Clean Up Code

DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself

Background Image Hacks in CSS

Yesterday 1 I found myself in a situation where the background image in my freeCodeCamp Weather App on mobile was cut off at the bottom. Needed some background image hacks in css to fix it.

  1. And for several days before that actually. 

Working With Chrome DevTools

Tech Ladies and The Job Search

I can’t go back to Pitt this semester as the funds ran dry. I had been planning to search for work after the semester. I’m still searching, just probably before I had planned. This is where Tech Ladies helps with my job search.

Gauging My Progress

As I step through The Web Developer Bootcamp, I am beginning to realize just how much I’ve learned the last two years and how it is beginning to codify in my brain.

Working With Arrays Part 2

What is an array?

Working With Arrays, Part 1

This will be a series on working with arrays. Not sure how long it will be but there is so much rich information about arrays in JavaScript that I don’t think I could fit it all into one post. It may not be a series after all; I may just revisit the topic every now and again.


An array is an object in JavaScript. It is a global object set out in a list between two brackets []. Elements in an array are separated by a comma. An array can have any type of data, in any order, inside of the brackets.

UX Testing Results for The Lens Cap Mock E-Commerce Site


I asked six users of various technical ability to test The Lens Cap’s UX: its responsiveness, its legibility, its resolution, and whether they were able to find what they needed in search, etc. I asked them to tell me which devices they used and asked for suggestions on how to make the site better, what surprised them, good or bad, about the site, and also if anything frustrated them while using it.

The Execution Stack and Scope

What is the Execution Stack? Before I answer that question, we’ll first have to take a look at the Global Execution Context

The Danger of Type Coercion in JavaScript

<h2 id="what-is-type-coercion">What is Type Coercion</h2>

Scope for Beginners

In JavaScript, lexical scope deals with where your variables are defined, and how they will be accessible — or not accessible — to the rest of your code.

Primitive Data Types in Java

Variables in Java need to be declared before they can be used in Java because it is a statically-typed language. Because of this, you need to state the type of variable you are declaring.

Objects and JSON

What are JavaScript Objects?

Let and Const for Block Scope

Up until ES6, you couldn’t achieve true block scoping in JavaScript. With the var keyword, the scope in a code block could be accessed in the global scope, as variable declarations are hoisted to the top of scope and the assignments are kept where they are.

JavaScript vs Java Pass by Value and Reference

Different Languages, Different Paradigms

JavaScript Resources for Learning

Learning JavaScript is something every developer should do, not only because it is simple and everywhere, but because sooner or later, you’re going to need to build a website. That site should have interactivity. While CSS and CSS functions and math have cured some of the “ills” of JavaScript animations, you still need JavaScript for a lot of things.

Exploring Algorithms

What Is Meant by an Algorithm?

Algorithms are simple: they are a set of instructions broken down into simple steps in order to complete a larger task.

CSS Animations, Part 2

Transition Timing Functions, Delays, and Transforms

CSS Animations, Part 1

As you may know, you can animate pretty much anything with JavaScript and jQuery. jQuery makes it easier as it is a pretty neat and simple JavaScript library. No need to use:

Array Methods in JavaScript

<img src="/images/Methods.jpeg" alt="Methods" />

The Web Developer Bootcamp

So I am still working on Check Yo Self, but, like I do, I jumped into another tutorial where you build stuff. I am so stuck on and afraid of the logic of Check Yo Self that I decided that I needed to shore up some knowledge of basic JavaScript 1 so I bought, and have started working on The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

  1. Not just jQuery. 

Event Handlers in Check Yo Self

Since starting Check Yo Self a month ago, I have been at a loss as to what the logic should be, how to register click event handlers with jQuery, basically everything I learned the past two years, I drew a blank on 1.

  1. I have notes but not for everything. It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. 

Check Yo Self Update: Eliminating Dev Dependencies

I worked like a fiend over the weekend on Check Yo Self, reading documentation, implementing features, and taking some away.

Open Source and GitHub Stars

When open sourcing a piece of software, you are taking risks. It’s true for everyone open sourcing a project, even more so for PoC and women 1, though this isn’t going to touch on that.

  1. I tend to not tread much in this category, though it effects me. I am a keen observer of behaviors and adjust my expectations according to the situation at hand. 

Making The Tedious Easy With MDL Templates

Wanting to just get the app up and running 1 , I sat down yesterday and paged through some of the Material Design Lite Docs.

  1. Actually working on it, you know. 

CRUD: My New App, Check Yo Self

I have taken a bit of a break from the coding/learning thing as I suffer from a bit of depression every now and again, outside of the usual. It’s a woman’s thing, as they say.

Hacking on a Project: Getting Out of the Tutorial Loop

For a long time now, I have been increasingly bothered by my lack of Open Source contributions on GitHub 1 and of real world projects to put on my portfolio and resume.

  1. My first real pull request was closed because someone else took it up. I also went out of the scope of the issue. 

Concise, Modular JavaScript

Working with JavaScript again at Treehouse, I went over the Arrow Syntax again1.

  1. I called them lambda functions in this post. I don’t think they’re the same, however. 

OSS and Back to Basics

So I essentially said, “School is not for me. Plus, I don’t have the money to finish anyway. Time to hang up the Pitt hoodie”.

Hacking with Java Algorithms

So I have been pretty knee deep in algorithms and Java lately.

Exploring Algorithms

Algorithms are simple. They are a set of instructions broken down into simple steps in order to complete a larger task.

From Web Development to Software Engineering

So this is a brief post about my intent for my career and prospects for myself.

On My First 100% on a Java Program

Got a 100/100 on my first Intermediate Java Program.

Breaking Things

This semester, this whole year even, has seen a dramatic increase in productivity and a conscious effort for self-care– making necessary doctors appointments, going to bed around 9 or 10 and getting up at 8 or 9 am.

First Day of the Spring Semester 2017

You’ll have to forgive my cover photo indulgence. I gave my mom my iPad Air 2 and bought her some things like a keyboard, a case, styli (she has long fingernails and needs those), a 6 ft charging cable. She was so thrilled that I was thrilled. I wanted a picture and she said, “Yo, bitches I got my iPad”. Ha!

Working on the Free Code Camp Weather App

I am working on the Free Code Camp weather app quite consistently.

100 Days of Code, Day 12:

Two Years of Code Newbie in Pittsburgh

Ux Testing Results For The Lens Cap Mock E Commerce Site

I asked six users of various technical ability to test The Lens Cap’s UX-- its responsiveness, its legibility, its resolution, and whether they were able to find what they needed in search, etc.

Back into the Java Virtual Machine

100 Days of Code, Day 11

100 Days of Code, Day 10: 30 October 2016

Let and Const for Block Scope

Up until ES6, you couldn't achieve true block scoping in JavaScript. With the `var` keyword, the scope in a code block could be accessed in the global scope.

CSS Animations, Part 2

You can do some really cool things with CSS that I wasn't sure I would like.

CSS Animations, Part 2

Transition Timing Functions, Delays, and Transforms

100 Days of Code Day 9

Day 9: 27 October 2016

100 Days of Code Day 8


100 Days of Code Day 5

100 Days of Code Days 3 and 4

Day 4: 4 October 2016

100 Days of Code Log, Day 2

CSS Animations, Part 1

As you may know, you can animate pretty much anything with JavaScript and jQuery. jQuery makes it easier as it is a pretty neat and simple JavaScript library.

CSS Animations, Part 1

As you may know, you can animate pretty much anything with JavaScript and jQuery. jQuery makes it easier as it is a pretty neat and simple JavaScript library. No need to use


when you can use

$(#myID).animate({left: '250px'});


Working on the E-commerce Site for Class


Understanding Hoisting in JavaScript

First Week of Class, Pitt 2016

Recruiting News

I have some news on recruiting I’d like to share.

Function vs. Block Level Scoping with let and const

ES6 and Lambdas

I am taking the JavaScript ES6 course on Treehouse. I should have waited a bit, as I am still learning ES5. Eric Elliott made the case that newbies should be learning ES6 right now as it is the current standard. So I am diving in.

Plan for Success

Leveling Up as a Programmer


Random Quote Generator Finale


Knowing Your Limits


Resolved to Be Better


Random Quote Generator Woes


FCC Random Quote Generator

I finished the algorithm scripting at Free Code Camp on June 19th and started the Random Quote Generator on the 20th.

Algorithm Solutions


Avoid JavaScript Fatigue: Make a Learning Map

There are a lot of tools at our disposal as web developers. JavaScript has been in the tech news recently, with developers complaining of “JavaScript fatigue”— with frameworks and libraries coming out everyday it seems, who can blame them?

Completing Algorithms




Contacts App Update


Objects and JSON

When thinking about JavaScript objects, it is important to think about them in terms of real life objects. For instance, you have a cup, which is an object. The object has some properties...

Back to Pitt

I'm going back to Pitt.

So, if you have been following my journey for the last few months you know I quit school during an intense period of depression— a kind of nervous breakdown. I am finally coming out that, and am working quite hard on the things I had set up when I quit. I’ve worked harder at learning, growing, and building since quitting.

Thinking Like a Programmer

thinking like a programmer

Finishing OOP JavaScript at Treehouse

OOP JavaScript

Review: Object-Oriented JavaScript

Object-Oriented JavaScriptObject-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great, quick read that will help any new or intermediate JavaScript or web developer get more familiar with OOP JavaScript.

The best parts of the book for me coincide with the things I am learning at Treehouse during their OOP JavaScript course in the full-stack JavaScript Track.

As far as the OOP nature of JavaScript. A lot of the syntax and ideas borrow heavily from Java and it is evident when I am writing in JS. Fortunately, the book stresses the Prototypal Inheritance of JavaScript instead of thinking about it in a Classical Inheritance type of way. Eric Elliott has already crooned the virtues of Prototypal Inheritance, which is a feature of JavaScript people either love or hate.

I learned a lot in this book, that really just gave me a slightly more in depth look into the stuff I was already learning. Having gone to Pitt for two semesters and taking CS classes, a lot the OOP stuff was familiar as Java is a Classical OOP language. But thinking about it in the JavaScript way was helpful. Four stars.

Digging Into OOP JavaScript


Restructured Learning: Trying Harder


Using Trello to Track Learning


Crawling Before You Walk


Hey Everybody! Let’s Shit on JS!


Review: The Master Algorithm

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World by Pedro Domingos My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Review: Keynote, Professional Presentations and Animations

Keynote, Professional Presentations and Animations Keynote, Professional Presentations and Animations by Angelo Spiler My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Expanding and Diving Into Small Apps


I have completed both front-end projects for Free Code Camp and I have taken a longer than usual break from programming for personal reasons but I miss it and am raring to get back to regularity.

Review: The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive

The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive by Brendon Burchard My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Review: Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution &#8211; 25th Anniversary Edition

Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution - 25th Anniversary Edition Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution - 25th Anniversary Edition by Steven Levy My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Free Code Camp Portfolio: Unlocked

JPEG image-573A94AF296B-1So I started the portfolio project on March 10th and finished it today. I had help from the Gitter chat but not as much as last time.

New Years Goals Follow-up


FCC Front-End Programming Project


Completed The First Front-End Project

front-end So I finished the first front-end project for Free Code Camp in a couple days. It doesn’t render really well on mobile. I can’t seem to get the button I have at the bottom to do the following with the jQuery I have:

Front-End Programming Project on Free Code Camp


The Danger of Type Coercion in JavaScript

Type coercion is essentially *implicitly* or *explicitly* changing the data type in JavaScript.

Resuming Lessons at Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp So I went back through the Bootstrap additions and the jQuery course. Now I am building a tribute page to Carl Sagan as my front-end project.

College vs Self-Learning

college I wrote a story over at Medium about my recent decision to drop out of school.

Primitive Data Types in Java

Variables in Java need to be declared before they can be used in Java because it is a statically-typed language. Because of this, you need to state the type of variable you are declaring.

Fear and Loathing and Anxiety in Pittsburgh


Preparing for Free Code Camp Bonfires


I am almost ready to get to the Free Code Camp Bonfires. I am still working through the new curriculum with the extra JavaScript waypoints but because I have been working in Java at school and reading Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript by Michael McMillan and things are becoming increasingly clear to me.

Array Methods in JavaScript

There are a few basic methods to work with arrays in JavaScript. The most basic and, perhaps the most familiar, is the `.length()` method.

Confidence Through Self-Talk

Confidence Through Self-Talk


Thrown Into the Fire, or, The Blank IDE in CS 0401


Rainbow Explosion Hangman App


So I am working on a project from last semester called Rainbow Explosion. [1]

Upping My Game with Books On Algorithms


Books I Am Reading Now on Algorithms, etc.

So I was doing some editing on my Book Collectorz database and came across an ebook I didn’t even remember buying: Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript. I went searching for it at Amazon to get the physical copy but the reviews were pretty negative as there were plenty of errata in the book and code samples. [1]

New Semester Excitement


So I am starting a new semester with a new, funny, quirky, prof in Bill Laboon who showed us the absolute power of Emacs– like a pixelated fire. No seriously. I prefer VS Code myself but I don’t need to start an editor flamewar.

New Years To-dos: Every Day is a New Day

5 Things I Learned About Myself This Semester

This semester was a rollercoaster, boy. Started out strong and finished like a sputtering car, chugging along to finals week and dying in a heap of smoke and fire.

Working With Arrays Part 2

You use an array to store data. You can initialize an empty array and then store data in it as well. But that is beyond the scope of this post. There are 4 types of arrays in JavaScript...

First Semester at Pitt. Not What I Wanted to End Up With.


“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” - Denis Waitley

I failed my final project, in my first semester at Pitt.

Thoughts on My First Computer Science Class and Great News


“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession

What a whirlwind of emotion for me this semester. I really don’t know how I did everything I did this semester. I went to class, mostly (Chinese Thought got old for me and when my Computer Science professor called off I would just stay home. Sometimes I had appointments. Other times I was like forget it). I blogged, did two podcasts, had three guest appearances on podcasts, I learned at Free Code Camp and Treehouse, I wrote for Free Code Camp, I fired up my Jekyll blog and wrote three articles there AND did my homework and all that comes with it. I did slack off at the gym which will be corrected next semester.

Working With Arrays, Part 1

This will be a series on working with arrays.

Bonfire Tears (Free Code Camp Edition)


Iterating Over an Array in Java and JavaScript


Free Code Camp Bonfires


“…talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.” ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The story of a murderer

So I started the Free Code Camp Bonfires. I am really being tested as far as algorithmically; how do you come up with a solution to this problem? I guess I got a chance to do this in class when I build these Java projects and do these little code snippet things for MyProgrammingLab. But the JavaScript really tested me in ways I didn’t think I could be, because I am actually conscious of the fact I am coming up with algorithms.

New Routine or Do You Have the Hustle?


Getting Better at Being Productive with a Script from Marco Arment


Like a lot of people, I struggle with balancing time sinking social media with actual work. Marco Arment, one of my Apple Programming heroes, despite his immense success and talent, struggles with it, too.

Regaining My Footing as a Java Student


The Execution Stack and Scope

What is the *Execution Stack*? Before I answer that question, we'll first have to take a look at the *Global Execution Context*

Scope for Beginners

Scope in JavaScript is sometimes one of the hardest things to grasp.

Technical Posts?

have neglected this site, blog page for **forever**. The reason was because I was getting a bit tired of forcing things to GitHub everytime I wanted to *do* something.

Day 10: AJAX


Should You Be Copying That Code?


Day 9: Finishing Intermediate JavaScript on Treehouse Plus: New Contributor


NaNoWriMo? How About NaCoWriMo?


First Java Challenge and Getting to Know Variable Scope

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”795”]Head_desk Image credit: Atypically Relevant[/caption]

Fifth Week of Class and Makin&#8217; Text Files


First Java Program and My Side Project


Outdated Java Tech at Uni


Moving Right Along in CS 0007, Intro to Programming in Java

The Blank Text Editor

First Week of Pitt, Learning Java, and My New Podcast Site


Starting the University of Pittsburgh


Day 8: HTML Tables and The DOM

DOM badge

Day 7: Drawing App


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep. 14


Day 6: Password Forms &#038; Tooltips


Day 5: Mobile Dropdown Menu


Day 4: Lightbox


Day 3: Event Handlers and Animations


Day 2: Rehashing jQuery Basics


Day 1: Java with Multiple Strings, Formatters, and Conditionals

Screenshot 2015-08-08 01.14.53

New Post Idea: Daily, Bi-Daily Updates


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.13


Show Notes

Treehouse– learn how to code.

Book List

Treehouse is Some Kind of Special


FCC to Treehouse


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.12

This Developers Journey

Show Notes:

Me on CodePen:

Book List:

Coding as a Business:

Pragmatic Programmer

I Was Running on Heroku with my Woes


In a Rut&#8230;

I was sort of in a rut. I am learning the fundamentals of JavaScript. I understand that. Gotta crawl before you walk.

This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.11


Moving on Up While Feeling Stupid


I Need to Do Better


Yeoman and JavaScript, etc


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.10


JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.9


Killing This Code&#8211; LIKE A BOSS


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep.8


Back and Forth I Go&#8211; All the Pretty Languages!


Kanban and My Love of Trello for Project Management


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep. 7


Making Good Habits, or Coding Regularly

I have to say, after getting in my groove two weeks ago, smashing all the Free Code Camp challenges left and right, I got upended by having my best-friend from my hometown come to visit.

This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep. 6&#8211; An Interview with Mark Pearyer


Free Code Camp ROCKS


This Developer&#8217;s Journey, ep. 5 PLUS I AM BUILD!


This Developer&#8217;s Journey ep. 4

I Am Now a Pitt Panther




Off-Topic: Nerves, College Admissions, and More Nerves


Podcast! MCJep3

51a5f6c0ae6e280917Check out my podcast over on my Jekyll blog!

Opening Files in Python

Opening Files in Python

Episode 3 Is Live-- With Some Oddness

Well, this episode is a tad off...

Argument Variables and ValueErrors in Python

Going through more Zed Shaw tutorials with Learn Python the Hard Way and finding it excellent as it gets more challenging. We are working with argument variables, which hold the arguments you pass through your python script until called later.

Going through Python and Ruby with Zed Shaw

You remember when I said I was going to do The Odin Project and Codecademy? Well, I have an even better solution. First off, let me say that learning HTML and CSS all day is great if you want to do web dev and that is what I want to do, maybe. I am finding that building apps and scripts is fun. The reason I am doing Python now is because of my Raspberry Pi. I wanted to program it this summer and I know very little Python so I looked for a good alternative to the Codecademy Python course which was just a fragmented bit of Python learning. I wasn’t grasping the concepts, nor was I being asked to think about the things I was learning.

Python, Python, and More Python-- ep.2 Is Live

This week I've been grinding it out during spring break. No fun for me! Well, I find working fun.

Finding ONE (Well, TWO) Tutorial Sites and Sticking to Them

Codecademy logo

Pitt and Computer Science

Jekyll &#038; Hyde

First Episode Is Live!

My first ever podcast is live and available on SoundCloud. I am not certain how I am going to structure it, how I am going to write show notes every week, etc. but the shot in the dark is thrilling. I recorded the episode last night, accidentally deleted it in GarageBand, re-recorded, and edited it tonight for THREE HOURS. I have a screencast to do for another blog, some programming homework, and I need to study for a quiz I have for Human Biology Monday. This is my weekend? It feels like work! But it’s awesome.

@%$(*&#038;^%$@! .gitmodules

Alice and Conditional Execution

CSS and Stack Overflow


Responsive Grid System

<div class="section group">
 <div class="col span_1_of_3">This is column 1</div>
 <div class="col span_1_of_3">This is column 2</div>
 <div class="col span_1_of_3">This is column 3</div>

Sketch Mockup to&#8230;Code?

Alice First Look

Alice First Look


So this is where I’ll begin this blog– as an undergrad at a community college, transferring to a major university come fall of 2015. I am taking a Fundamentals of Programming class using Alice, a drag and drop, storytelling object oriented programming app for Mac, PC, and Linux. Best part about it is it’s free.