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Argument Variables and ValueErrors in Python

Going through more Zed Shaw tutorials with Learn Python the Hard Way and finding it excellent as it gets more challenging. We are working with argument variables, which hold the arguments you pass through your python script until called later.

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Going through Python and Ruby with Zed Shaw

You remember when I said I was going to do The Odin Project and Codecademy? Well, I have an even better solution. First off, let me say that learning HTML and CSS all day is great if you want to do web dev and that is what I want to do, maybe. I am finding that building apps and scripts is fun. The reason I am doing Python now is because of my Raspberry Pi. I wanted to program it this summer and I know very little Python so I looked for a good alternative to the Codecademy Python course which was just a fragmented bit of Python learning. I wasn’t grasping the concepts, nor was I being asked to think about the things I was learning.

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