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Upping My Game with Books On Algorithms


Books I Am Reading Now on Algorithms, etc.

So I was doing some editing on my Book Collectorz database and came across an ebook I didn’t even remember buying: Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript. I went searching for it at Amazon to get the physical copy but the reviews were pretty negative as there were plenty of errata in the book and code samples. [1]

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New Semester Excitement


So I am starting a new semester with a new, funny, quirky, prof in Bill Laboon who showed us the absolute power of Emacs– like a pixelated fire. No seriously. I prefer VS Code myself but I don’t need to start an editor flamewar.

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5 Things I Learned About Myself This Semester

This semester was a rollercoaster, boy. Started out strong and finished like a sputtering car, chugging along to finals week and dying in a heap of smoke and fire.

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