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Working With Arrays, Part 1

This will be a series on working with arrays. Not sure how long it will be but there is so much rich information about arrays in JavaScript that I don’t think I could fit it all into one post. It may not be a series after all; I may just revisit the topic every now and again.


An array is an object in JavaScript. It is a global object set out in a list between two brackets []. Elements in an array are separated by a comma. An array can have any type of data, in any order, inside of the brackets.

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UX Testing Results for The Lens Cap Mock E-Commerce Site


I asked six users of various technical ability to test The Lens Cap’s UX: its responsiveness, its legibility, its resolution, and whether they were able to find what they needed in search, etc. I asked them to tell me which devices they used and asked for suggestions on how to make the site better, what surprised them, good or bad, about the site, and also if anything frustrated them while using it.

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The Execution Stack and Scope

What is the Execution Stack? Before I answer that question, we’ll first have to take a look at the Global Execution Context

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