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Derek Sivers set up a website called to help people understand what a now page is, why you’d want one, and to showcase other now pages. Maybe you should build one, too.

What Am I Doing Now?

I live in Central PA and I am currently learning at a breakneck pace full-stack web development with Wes Bos Courses, freeCodeCamp, and Udemy.

I am trying to get into better shape and am doing well at it.

I am working on two blogs: this one, Tiffany R. White Blog, and my book review blog, Book Notes by Tiffany1.

I am building a markdown grammar checker called Check Yo Self and a few other projects.

I’ve been trying to get back into photography as a creative outlet and excuse to get out of the house2.

I also have a reusable component and a couple of React hooks in the works to open source…and…

I have also been invited to be an an instructor. I have a few small lessons in the works so stay tuned.

What’s On My Pocket Computer?

We carry these things everywhere. Inspired by another /now page I am posting a screenshot of my iPhone and iPad, and also my iMac.

may 2 Getting back into photography as a sort of stress reliever; I go for walks to look for something to shoot.

may ipad 3 You almost literally have to jump through hoops in order to get any writing done on this, especially for a blog like this. But that is what I am going to try, starting with Drafts.

may watch Switched back to my old face. I don’t know why, I just like it better for some reason.

What’s On My Mac?

may imac Übersicht is a pretty nifty alternative to GeekTool

may lg Übersicht on the second monitor

This may seem like a lot and it is. I don’t know if I’ll get everything done, but if I get into more of a routine, I think it is doable.

What are you doing? I’m curious by nature. Share it with me on Twitter Or don’t. 🤷🏿

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  1. Name inspired by Bill Gates Gates Notes.

  2. I absolutely do not get enough time away from my desk. So I’ve gone on one photo walk and plan on doing more, at least once a week.

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