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First Week of Class, Pitt 2016

Tiffany White

First week of class has started. I have a pretty easy way of it this semester. There’s a CS class which is all web dev, and an InfoSci class that is design, basics, and some programming.

In our web dev class, Matt is a strange and weirdly funny guy. His Google slide deck intro was:

Welcome to the Interwebs. I’m your host, Matt Bowytz.

He also had a reference to Pittsburgh vernacular when he said:

Policies n’at

Which I loved.

No ES6 in Web Dev

Unfortunately, I think Matt doesn’t like ES6 or he doesn’t want to teach it. Whatever the case, it makes me sad but I understand it.

We have a majority of seasoned programming vets in our class and some intermediates, like myself. I debated whether or not to change the name of this blog as I am no longer a newbie. Decided against it— this is what my blog is known by. It has been this name for almost two years. I’m sticking with it, for now.

Anyway, we have a good amount of people familiar with web dev. There are some who have never coded before in their lives but that is rare.

There are old heads like me in the class, too. That’s pretty damn cool.

First CS Project

We will be building up to an e-commerce or some other site, whatever you want. Part one is making the bones of the site and Part 2 is finishing it off.

I wanted to make my contacts app for this project but decided to go with the e-commerce site instead. First it will be HTML and CSS with CSS animations and then I’ll up my game with JavaScript and jQuery.

InfoSci Is Pretty Good, Too

Bob Perkoski is pretty darn funny and a true Pittsburgher, what with that accent, n’at.

The classroom must be new— it’s huge and when I sat my black backpack down on the table it had newly sawed sawdust on it.

We learned about UI design our first day of class. We also got thrown into a group project that same day.

Group Projects

I understand the need to show us what it will be like in teams in the workplace. And I understand that there are personalities in every team. Working through that? I don’t know.

There’s a guy who wants to put all the things in the music app we are designing. Most of us 1 have advised against all these features. He is talking about building the thing himself, even though we don’t have to code anything. There’s even a Google Doc with the title: B code example in our folder.

I don’t know how to deal with people like this, who are as equally headstrong, opinionated, and as arrogant as I am. It’s weird to see parts of yourself in other people.


This should be a 4.0 semester all the way. Bob admitted to how easy InfoSci 0010 is. I guarantee you I will get an A there.

So far the first week of class is off to a fast start.

Here is my Project 1 Proposal in a gist. Let me know what you think!

Project Part 1 Proposal

I will be building an ecommerce site with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • And CSS animations.


The product is high-end third-party lenses for iPhone, like Moment Lenses.


I am going to scour the web for ecommerce sites. I will ask the following questions of each:

  • Ho do they look?
  • How do they function?
  • Are they slow on your connection?
  • Are they speedy on a slow connection?

I will mock up a prototype in Sketch. It will be responsive by implementing Bootstrap.


I want to answer the following questions:

  • Who are the users? - iPhone users with disposable income.
  • Who is your target audience? - iPhone users between the ages of 25-40
  • Is the UI appealing?
  • Is the UI intuitive?
  • Is the UX as simple as possible?
  • Is it responsive on all devices?

UX Testing

I want to mockup, build, then test my site by having a few of my non-techie friends and relatives try it out. I will ask them a variation of the questions I have above.

  1. The 4 out of 7 of us participating, anyway

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