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Day 6: Password Forms & Tooltips

2015-08-18 Tiffany WhiteDaily Progress


Here we just iterated on what we learned previously with:

.prop() .hide() .show() .val()

We learned two new methods,




in relation to making it so the tooltips showed up when we clicked in the form’s password box, the tool tip being “password needs to be greater than 8 characters”. Once the 8 characters were put in, the tool tip disappeared.

The code looked something like this:

//Problem: Hints are shown even when form is valid
//Solution: Hide and show them at appropriate times
var $password = $("#password");
var $confirmPassword = $("#confirm_password");

//Hide hints
$("form span").hide();

function isPasswordValid() {
 return $password.val().length < 8;

function arePasswordsMatching() {
 return $password.val() === $confirmPassword.val();

function canSubmit() {
 return isPasswordValid() && arePasswordsMatching() && isUsernamePresent();

function passwordEvent(){
 //Find out if password is valid
 if(isPasswordValid()) {
 //Hide hint if valid
 } else {
 //else show hint

We practiced DRY programming by wrapping our resued methods, variables, etc in functions.