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Making Good Habits, or Coding Regularly

2015-05-22 Tiffany WhiteProductivity

I have to say, after getting in my groove two weeks ago, smashing all the Free Code Camp challenges left and right, I got upended by having my best-friend from my hometown come to visit.

It was only two days but those two days cost me– I would be out late the first night, not get much sleep that night. Go out running around the second day, not really sleep well that night. The cost of not sleeping well caught up to me all week– no gym, no real coding, just sleep. Today is the first day in forever I’ve slept well and I totally feel fatter than I am because I haven’t been to the gym.

The consistency I was having got shattered. Of course I loved every minute I got to spend with my best-friend, taking in Pittsburgh’s many good eateries.


But I neglected basic things like rest, exercise, and proper eating. You don’t think those things can plague you, you know the whole brogrammer stereotype of eating pizza and drinking Mt. Dew well into the early morning, doing nothing but coding. That is not a healthy thing to do for anyone of any age. You can’t really “do good work” when you’re half-dead and mirror the guy in Green Day’s Brainstew.

I plan on working on Free Code Camp tonight and Zed Shaw’s Python and Ruby. A good rule for me would be to work consistently all week, 2–4, a day and then ease on the weekends.

I have a show to record tonight, another blog post, and a Code Newbie to-do landing page to work on as well. Back to being productive is a good thing, for me at least.