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100 Days of Code Log, Day 2

2016-10-02 Tiffany White100 days of code

Day 2: 1 October 2016

Today’s Progress:I worked on the index.html file. I added a different color navbar, added some more shepherd anchors. I also am going to be using slick jQuery plugin for the image slider and will be deleting most of the CSS from the template I downloaded.

Thoughts: Finding all kinds of libraries is cool but I do want to edit them for what I need. Shepherd, the way I installed it, isn’t as customizable as I’d like it to be and I am thinking of uninstalling it and starting over, creating a source file with the library and adding the script tag.

Link to work:You can find the update on Netlify

Piecing Things Together

I am piecing together different elements from templates and libraries but I am going to be scrapping most of the premed code. I am still thinking about where this is headed.

As I said up top, that I need to recreate Shepherd functions in a separate js file. I have the source code and I want to study it. Going to customize the color and positions of the tours. I need to look at the docs some more to see how to change the color and boxes of the anchors.

Starting Day 3

I’ll be coding on day three but I may not get too much in. There are domestic things to do and errands to run so I don’t know how much code I’ll write.

We will have a checkin in CS 0134 to see where we are in the project. I have a skeleton but I am wanting to have more.