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100 Days of Code Days 3 and 4

2016-10-05 Tiffany White100 days of code

Day 4: 4 October 2016

Today’s Progress: I went to InfoSci class today. When I got home, I ate, and went to work on the e-commerce site.

I migrated The Lens Cap over to a GitHub Project Page as Heroku became to fiddly. I had a bug in my mobile toggle nav and the CSS wasn’t linked right. It seems I am not good with absolute and relative links.

I finally figured it out with some trial and error.

Thoughts: I’m pretty proud of what I have so far. I need to build out the linked pages to reflect what I want them to do. I have Cart, Lenses, and Pricing. I also need to figure out where to link the View Details links under the lens grids.

Link to work: You can find it at The Lens Cap.

Day 3: 3 October 2016

Yesterday’s Progress: I worked pretty hard on the navbar bug. I couldn’t figure out why my CSS wasn’t rendering in Heroku.

Thoughts: I’ve been going at it pretty hard lately. I have a hard deadline for the first part of this CS project and I’m hustling.

Link to work: Linked above.

Last Week’s Code Productivity with RescueTime

Like I said, I’ve driving pretty hard. Check out my productivity pulse on RescueTime: