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100 Days of Code Day 9

2016-10-27 Tiffany White100 days of code

Day 9: 27 October 2016

Today’s Progress: It’s been a while! I programmed quite a bit but didn’t write anything. So it’s 100 Days of Code Day 9 for me.

I whipped up some cool JavaScript from CSS-Tricks website to help with the search on the Pricing page. This is handy, because it is something I can look at and go over for my Contacts app. I was wondering how to have search functionality without having a database. I eventually want to have some sort of database or maybe an API from Google for their contacts service to help enhance my offering.

In any case, I didn’t code today but I did sporadically for the past week or so.

Thoughts: I have never been more in the zone in anything than when I was building this site. I want to start HackerRank challenges and CodeWars challenges to get better with algorithms. My thinking is much better but I think my algorithm muscles are getting flabby.

Link to work:

All the code is on GitHub and the site is up at The Lens Cap